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What Does It Take To Market Your Off-Line Business Online?

In today’s economy many small business owners are in a catch 22 situation - The need to advertise more with a reduced advertising budget. Perhaps this article will help resolve this problem for you.

Firstly let’s look at the two major objections given by small business owners when approached to develop an On-line presence for their Off-line business.

1.    We can only service local customers; therefore we don’t need a worldwide On-line promotion. We feel our budget is better spent on local newspaper advertising and flyer distribution.
2.    We are listed in Google Places and the On-line yellow pages and we get precious little response from those listings. Google has advised us to advertise our Google Places page with Google Adwords – but we can’t afford those costs.

Let’s look at these two common objections.
Suppose you are a local butcher, hairdresser, restaurant, baker, car dealer or any other one of the many businesses in your locality.

All these businesses have some needs in common.
1.    Targeting the local market.
2.    Informing the local market of their latest specials and services.
3.    Branding themselves within their community as a trusted source to do business with.
4.    Knowing their local market demographics to better serve their potential customers.
5.    An easy line of communication between the business and customers.

A website developed to address the needs above and an autoresponder are indispensible tools needed to compete economically in today’s business world.

Shoppers like to be informed before they go shopping. That is why newspaper and flyer advertising has been so successful. In today’s world potential shoppers browse the internet to gain in-depth and currently updated information, not available in a newspaper ad or flyer for that matter.

That being said; the best website in the world will not be of any use to your business if no one knows it exists. Therefore intensive On-line promotions must be undertaken.

There are basically three methods for On-line promotions for your local business website.
1.    Advertising with Google Adwords or other media buys.
Advantage: immediate results.
Dissadvantages: Very expensive and as soon as you stop advertising – your results stop too.                               
 Note: There is a far better way to advertise for very little outlay with “Private Advertising” to find out more go to: Stand Out From The Crowd

2.    Do your own promotions:
 Advantages: Works extremely well with no out of pocket expenses.
 Disadvantages: Very work intensive at the beginning but the fruits of your labor will continue for years after you stop promoting. For more information see the video at: FreeWebsiteTraffic methods.

3.   Get involved with your local community through social interaction. The best worldwide local social community network.

In Conclusion.
What sort of budget are we looking at to have a successful On-line presence to promote an Off-line business?

Approximate ongoing yearly expenses:
Hosting fees for your website at $15 per month = $180.
Autoresponder  [optional] at $29 per month= $348.

Promotional costs = ??

If you do not have a website, expect to pay around $1200 to have a site built for you. You can attach a blog to your site where you can update your website visitors with your latest offers and news. Notifications of these updates will go to your customer’s inbox, alerting them to go check out a special promotion at your site. This is a far faster and less expensive way to get your message out to the local community than via flyers or local newspaper advertising.
In today’s age I feel strongly that you are at a great disadvantage if you do not have a successful   On-line presence promoting your Off-line business.

Great Solution for small Off-line businesses who do not have a budget for all the above. CLICK HERE


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